"If we don’t take urgent and decisive action on climate our children will inherit a world too terrible to contemplate."

"All the political parties in the UK, fearful of unpopularity if they present the public with so unpalatable a truth, are shirking the issue."

"Paris has given us hope but it did not achieve enough. Even if governments keep to what they promised, their proposals still put us on course for a catastrophic 2.7 degrees of temperature increase."

"The scientists are now virtually unanimous. If we exceed a 2, even 1.5, temperature increase we are condemning our children to a terrible future on a devastated earth. "

Climate 100% Connection

As you can see the 100% stands for 100% all out effort. The dire warnings of the scientists are now virtually unanimous. Our children will inherit an extremely inhospitable, even uninhabitable earth if we don’t take drastic action on fossil fuels. But getting rid of fossil fuels is probably the most difficult thing humanity has ever attempted. The world is now swimming in oil. If that oil is left in the ground the money that stands to be lost by vested interests is gargantuan. You would surely have to be very naïve to think that the politicians, for all their good intentions in Paris, are going to get rid of fossil fuels unless there is immense public pressure to do so.

The climate issue is the gravest crisis humanity has ever faced. But it was hardly mentioned in the 2015 election, and by no stretch of the imagination could you say it is at the top of the present Conservative Government’s agenda. Indeed, they are busy undoing even the feeble environmental initiatives put in place by the previous coalition. Yet the public, misled and often misinformed, seem to be mostly as apathetic as their leaders. The aim of Climate 100 Connection is to arouse public concern and put pressure on the politicians. Averting this great crisis can be done given enough determination and resolve. Indeed, climate change is not all bad news. It offers us the opportunity to create a much better post-fossil fuel world. Our message is not one of doom but one of optimism and hope.   The alternative for all the world’s children is so terrible if the UK could set an example people in other countries would follow and force their politicians too to put saving the planet at the top of their agendas.

But climate is not the only problem we face.  The world is losing topsoil so fast, mainly because of chemical agriculture we could, in the foreseeable future, that  find we are unable to feed ourselves. Google ‘One Hundred Harvests left in the UK’ and a report from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation entitled ‘Only Sixty Years of Farming Left’

On top of that there can be little doubt that in the coming decades automation will advance so far and so fast at least half of those employed at the moment will lose their jobs.  What will happen to all these people? How will the live?

Nor should we forget that scientists are confidently predicting that half of the species at present inhabiting the world will have disappeared by the end of the century.  How can we allow so many millions of beautiful living things that took millions of years to evolve to be destroyed on our watch?  Nor is this just an ethical issue. Who knows what drugs that could treat diseases as yet unknown and what genetic strains that could  cure  the ailments our monocultural agriculture is so prone to lie undiscovered in the rainforests that are being torn down?  At present rates of destruction the whole Amazon rainforest will have disappeared by 2080.

There are answers to all these immense challenges. But the choices we need to make will be very, very  difficult.  Only if we put all else aside to save the world and strain every nerve and muscle to do so will we succeed.  But what could be more wonderful, more worthwhile, more fulfilling and enthralling than saving the world for our children?

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