"If we don’t take urgent and decisive action on climate our children will inherit a world too terrible to contemplate."

"All the political parties in the UK, fearful of unpopularity if they present the public with so unpalatable a truth, are shirking the issue."

"Paris has given us hope but it did not achieve enough. Even if governments keep to what they promised, their proposals still put us on course for a catastrophic 2.7 degrees of temperature increase."

"The scientists are now virtually unanimous. If we exceed a 2, even 1.5, temperature increase we are condemning our children to a terrible future on a devastated earth. "

Climate 100% Connection

As you can see, the 100% stands for 100% all out effort.  Now is surely the most important time to be alive that there has ever been. On the one hand we are well set on  a path to destroy both the earth and ourselves.  On the other, we have the technology to create a much better, greener, more peaceful and more prosperous world for our children.  It is not a matter of technology.  It is a matter of what we want.  The next twenty years are going to be the most crucial decades in the whole history of the human race.  We have to choose.  Death or life?  It’s up to us.


The problem are formidable. The scientists are now telling us virtually unanimously that if we can’t get on top of climate change,  then we face a  future of fearfully severe droughts, floods and hurricanes,  whole countries going under water,  much of the world’s most fertile land drowning or desertifying,  hundreds of millions of refugees as desperate people flee rising sea levels and droughts, widespread starvation and, most surely, devastating resource wars involving weapons of mass destruction as nations struggle to survive.


Soil loss is so bad the F.A.O. is warning that even without climate change the world will  be unable to feed itself.  According to the Soil Association we are losing the equivalent of two soccer pitches of top soil every minute.  Google ‘One Hundred Harvests left in the UK’ and ‘Only sixty years of farming left’.


Automation is going to put at least 40% of the present work force out of a job.  Traditionally the slack caused by automation in manufacturing industries has been taken up by service industries.  But now the robots are colonizing the service industries as well.


Capitalism nearly crashed in 2008.  Have the governments taken adequate steps to see that it doesn’t happen again?  No, they have not.


And then there’s Trump.


Can we solve these immense problems?  YES WE CAN. We already have wonderful technology and still better – nuclear fusion, lab cultured meat, artificial bacteria – in the pipeline.  The problem does not lie with technology.  The problem is ourselves.  We need a radical change of heart.  We have to stop loving money and start loving love.  Above all, we have to cherish our common humanity.  Are you up for the challenge?  Can we inspire you?  If so, join us.  Start or join a Climate 100 group in your area.  Join our facebook group The Next Twenty years.,

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