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E mail from Jeremy Leggett


from Jeremy Leggett

Friends, colleagues and esteemed contacts

Many of us have found difficulty believing some of the things that have emerged in the world of tech these past few years. I have collated and analysed a precis, designed specifically for the busy person who is interested but unable to follow the rapid pace of play too closely by dint of vocational, or other family overload. You can view it here. I really hope you will find it useful.

Going forward I will continue to offer a precis collation of the saga, in holistic context, on my website as it unfolds, on a near-daily basis.

I would like to thank all the people who gave me feedback when the new website went up a week ago. Among this were some pleas for a punchy title. So here you have it – “Future Today”. The new domain will be Not my idea, but that of comms guru Chris Rose. Thanks Chris.




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